4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Could be Making

4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Could be Making
CP / November 16, 2017

Currently, Content Marketing is the most effective marketing strategy. Unfortunately, it may fail to be effective because of some marketing mistakes that you could be making. To help you identify them, below are some of the detrimental content marketing mistakes that you could be making.

1. You are too Focused on the SEO

SEO is very important in content marketing. In fact, being on top of SEO is the number one traffic driver to your site. However, the problem arises when your major goal of creating a marketing content lies heavily on achieving high search rankings only. This happens when your content is focused on target keywords instead of focusing on what will be helpful to the users. Content marketing should be viewed as a way of actively engaging with your target audience in order to nurture your brand, educate your audience and to trigger more conversations around and about your brand which will eventually lead to more sales.

2. Empty, Weak or Thin Content

Another mistake that a lot of content marketers do is creating weak or empty content i.e. a marketing content that contains very little information or it’s too lengthy and irrelevant about the subject. There is no specific length that a content should have in order for it to be useful. Content can be short but still very useful in delivering information or message to the targeted audience. If you are creating content that aims to answer a question, then the content that you create should answer the question in a simple and straightforward manner. If the content’s topic is a bit complicated, then it should be simple and more detailed. Just make sure it will be informational and relevant to the user.

3. Bad Embedding

To make a marketing content more engaging, it needs to be embedded with resources and visual aids such as photos, tweets, videos, slideshows etc. Although it is very easy to embed all these resources and visual aids into your content, people still make mistakes. For example the embedded video can only play in YouTube, the media doesn’t buffer properly or the tweets are embedded as plain texts and not as full tweets. Although all these look like simple mistakes, they become irrelevant in the content that they are attached to.

4. Clickbait Headlines

It is understandable if you want more people to view your content because more views means more sales. However, a lot of marketers create let-down clickbait headlines in order to attract more people without being genuine about the content’s message. These are deceptive tactics that trick users into clicking/ viewing your content but it will not retain them or make them come back in the future. Create an exciting and relevant headline that relates with what you are marketing.